Can Faith and Business Work Together?

The worst of the recessions is just about over. Most of the leading economic indicators suggest that growth is small yet growing. The Joy of Jesus Church believes this is the time to make ones best moves through a series of measures to make the best of this situation. 

First, one must think positive about the future, with a strong plan. This plan should include the following: Education, Business Development, Green Technology, Jobs/Career and an end to poverty. The Joy of Jesus Church offers programs in all of these areas to get one started. 

Hope is so important. Our faith is based on hope and tools to make it. The governments can only do so much. People must do their best at all levels. You can help the Joy of Jesus in several ways with spending one cent. Visit us and get our free toolbar, visit our sponsors and or give a small donation if you can. We WANT TO MOVE PEOPLE FORWARD, CAN YOU HELP?

Updated 03-19-2010

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