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IMPORTANT GIFT: 2005 was a difficult year weather-wise for many people in the nation, especially for those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Employees of CommunityCare, through a unique opportunity from management, helped donate $44,106 to the recovery efforts from the hurricane. The more than 400 employees were allowed to donate future vacation time in one-hour increments knowing that the equivalent monetary amount would be matched by CommunityCare.In the photo, Richard Todd, CommunityCare president, presents the check for $44,106 to Mary C. Ogle, CEO of the Tulsa Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. A total of 819 hours of vacation time was sacrificed by employees which totaled $22,053. The company then matched that amount plus an additional $1,170 in cash donations from employees. The total contribution of $44,106 has been presented to the Tulsa Area Chapter of the American Red Cross to be designated exclusively toward the Katrina recovery effort.Richard Todd, CommunityCare president, in his explanation of the program emphasized the humanitarian nature of the collaborative effort. “Given the chaos that continues to plague the recovery effort, it appears a contribution to the American Red Cross would be most appropriate. I realize that vacation time is important and this represents a significant sacrifice on your part. However, we hope this provides a less painful way for CommunityCare and our employees to contribute to a very urgent and worthy cause.??? CommunityCare, founded in 1993, is owned by Saint Francis and St. John Health Systems, with headquarters at 6th and Denver in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Managed Healthcare services include Preferred CommunityChoice PPO; CommunityCare HMO; Senior Health Plan; CC65 Medicare Supplements; and WorkNet.

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