Carnegie Elementary Holds Surprising Coin Drive

Recently, Carnegie Elementary School teamed up with MidFirst Bank to hold a coin drive that would benefit after school programs.

Over 93 percent of students and teachers participated in the coin drive. This was the largest fundraiser that The MidFirst Bank Coin Program had ever been involved in.

Students carefully kept watch over their coin cups and placed them in a paper bag so that the coins were not sloshed out while walking through the school during the week.

Classes had the opportunity to carry their coin bags to the MidFirst Bank Coin Van with their teachers. Students were then able to pour their coins into a change machine.

The Loomis guards operating the change machine mentioned that they had never had to change the bags on the machine before during events in the program. At this particular event, the guards filled 20 bags with coins.

“The participation of so many Carnegie students far exceeded our hopes and expectations for the day. We have all of our Carnegie families to thank for the day’s wonderful success,” exclaims Sally Van Schenck, presidents of Carnegie Elementary Parent Teacher Association.

Once every penny had been counted, teachers, students, parents and staff were shocked. The results of the coin drive were even more staggering than expected.
Students raised a total of $4,805.66 in coins during the fundraiser. MidFirst Bank was extremely generous and matched the first $1,500, which brought the grand total to $6,305.66.

Surprisingly, over 350,000 of the coins were pennies! This was a total of $3,500.
Carnegie Elementary Parent Teacher Association is very pleased with the results and is excited to put every penny raised towards the benefit of students.

“The success of this event would not have been possible without the help of the volunteers who worked each shift faithfully,” adds Schenk.

Updated 09-22-2009

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