Cascia Hall Science Research Team Wins State

After a first place team win at the regional science fair, the Cascia Hall science research team, led by Sally Fenska, competed in the 2014 State Science Fair, winning the high school sweepstakes award for the team with the most category and special awards.

Two students won first place division I category awards, two students won first place division II category awards, and four brought home division I second place category awards. An additional 16 special awards and scholarships were given to Cascia Hall students, and senior Gage Holleman was selected for the fourth consecutive year to attend the 2014 International Science and Engineering Fair in May in Los Angeles, Calif.

Gage Holleman
• First Place Microbiology
• Stockholm Junior Water Prize
• Selected to Attend International Science and Engineering Fair
• Scholarship Award

Sarah Mailot
• First place Earth and Space
• Women Geosciences Award
• Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award

Zachary Haskins
• Second place Behavioral Science
• Oklahoma Optometric Society Award
• American Psychological Society Award

Chase Antonacci
• Second Place Biochemistry Medicine and Health
• Invitro Biomedical Award

Gracie Rule
• Second Place Physical Science
• Chemistry Award
• American Fidelity Medicine and Health-Chemistry Award

Hayden Allen
• Second Place Engineering
• Award
• Innovative Engineers of American Award
Hannah Easley
• Oklahoma Corporation Commission Award- Division II
• Two scholarship awards

Beau Bingham
• First Place Biochemistry Medicine and Health
• Best Written Display Board

Andrew Henderson
• First Place Earth and Space Science
• Award

A science research class is offered to Cascia Hall students during an interim term in January. Students are assigned sponsors who are experts in the field. These sponsors help the students develop and fine tune their projects in preparation for regional, state and international competition.

Updated 03-25-2014

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