Chamber Leaders Request Peace at Tulsa City Hall

Editor’s Note: The following article was published in a Tulsa Metro Chamber Monday Memo Aug. 16, 2010.

Constant disagreement between Tulsa’s City Council and the mayor prompted Tulsa Metro Chamber President and Mike Neal to request the two parties overcome their differences and make peace.

“As an organization focused on representing and selling Tulsa to the rest of the world, we were compelled to ask the two parties to end the fighting and learn to work together,” said Neal. “It has been embarrassing for us to respond to questions about a dysfunctional city government from potential businesses and conventions we’re trying to bring to Tulsa.”

Recent attempts to enlist the help of a mediator have also failed leading to further discouragement and conversations about the effectiveness of the current form of city government from neighbors at The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City who employ a city manager to run day-to-day operations.

“Our city council members advocate for their wards but also keep the entire city’s best interests at heart. Their positions, like that of the mayor, are nonpartisan, which enhances collegiality. Bottom line: Our elected city officials tend to get along, and the city thrives,” The Oklahoman editorial stated.

A later editorial appearing in the Tulsa World reluctantly agreed with the rival paper’s assessment stating that “Oklahoma City’s municipal operations are swimmingly smooth and efficient compared with Tulsa’s.”

The Chamber will continue to encourage the two parties to reach a resolution and learn to work together to move the city forward.

Updated 08-23-2010

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