Cheerleading Safety Association Launches Search Tool For Cheerleading Coaches

Memphis, Tenn. – The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) has launched an online search tool at that will allow coaches, administrators and parents to verify whether a coach has completed the AACCA Cheerleading Safety Course.

The AACCA Cheerleading Safety Course is a risk management course designed to inform cheerleading coaches of the standard of care expected of them when running a cheerleading program. The course is a part of the National Federation of State High School Association’s Coaches Education Program, and is recognized by the NCAA. The course is also part of the US All Star Federation’s gym credentialing program for all-star cheerleading centers.

The ability to find a safety certified coach online is the latest innovation by the AACCA to promote cheerleading safety. In September 2009, the AACCA Safety Course became the first cheerleading educational program to be made available online, greatly improving the accessibility to this important information for coaches nationwide. 

“As the national spotlight continues to shine on cheerleading safety, AACCA is taking steps to ensure that schools, gyms, coaches and parentshave access to important and helpful safety information,” said Jim Lord, AACCA’s executive director. “We’ve long worked to educate parents about their role in ensuring that their child is involved in a program that values safety. This is one tool that can help parents learn about their coaches’ background.”

Certified coaches can use the search tool to quickly check when their certification is up for renewal or to print out a lost certificate. Administrators can easily see if their coach is up to date with safety requirements and parents can access the search to find out if their child’s coach has completed this important training course.

Robyn Moore, AACCA safety instructor and advisor to the Vermont Principals Association Cheerleading Committee, is elated to have this tool available to the public. “This is an outstanding online search tool,” More said. “I was able to simply enter the name of our state and find every Vermont coach that has completed the course. This is perfect for us, since our principals association requires coaches to have the AACCA certification for teams to stunt. This makes it very easy for me to cross-reference with our coach list.”

AACCA was founded in 1987 with the goal of providing safety certification and education to thousands of cheerleading coaches. Over the last 20 years, AACCA has worked with organizations like the NCAA and the NFHS to make cheerleading safety a priority for coaches across all age groups and skill levels. 

For more information about cheerleading safety education or to use the coach search function, visit the AACCA website at

Updated 03-31-2010

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