Cherokee Nation Tribal Council to Hold Special Meeting on Election Laws and Appointments

The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council will hold a special meeting on Friday, August 5 at 3:00 p.m. The meeting, called by Principal Chief Chad Smith at the request of Meredith Frailey, Speaker of the Council, will address potential changes to the election law for the upcoming special election and consideration of appointments, including a new election commissioner to replace a commissioner who resigned.

“It is important to avoid the level of confusion during the upcoming special elections experienced in the recent general election,” Frailey said. “We need to approve the appointment of Susan Plumb as our new election commissioner as quickly as possible. We also need to give the election commission clear legislative guidance on how to address the process issues that arose in the last election. Our Cherokee people deserve to know that this election will be administered more efficiently and effectively than the previous election. Chief Smith agreed to schedule this special meeting at my request so the council can effect needed changes in a timely manner prior to this special election.”

The agenda also will address the nominations of the Cherokee Nation Marshal and Attorney General. The terms of Marshal Sharon Wright and Attorney General Diane Hammons are expiring.

“Our constitution states these positions are to have five year terms and are not to be concurrent with the Chief’s term,” Frailey said. “It’s important that these Constitutional offices are filled immediately so that no gap exists in the critical area of law enforcement. Both of these ladies have done a tremendous job in their roles and are recognized throughout Indian Country as leaders in their field. Ms. Hammons has won important water rights cases for Cherokee Nation in recent years, and won many other cases protecting our sovereignty. The Marshal Service, under Ms. Wright’s leadership is acknowledged as an outstanding law enforcement agency and has cross-deputization agreements with almost every city and county government within our jurisdiction.”

Updated 07-28-2011

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