Christiansen Endorses Taylor for Mayor

Former mayoral candidate and former city councilor Bill Christiansen announced on Nov. 6 that he is formally endorsing Kathy Taylor for mayor, as he believes she is the most qualified candidate to lead the city. Christiansen, a conservative Republican, ran against Taylor and current Mayor Dewey Bartlett in the primary election June 11.

“On Sept. 19, I stood up and said I couldn’t support Dewey Bartlett for mayor because of his fiscal irresponsibility and lack of accountability and transparency,” said Christiansen, “Sadly, since I made that statement, we have seen that irresponsibility and lack of accountability become much worse – his refusal to address the over $5 million deficit is just the latest example of his inability to lead our city.”

In a press conference held at the , Christiansen stood with Taylor and several supporters of both candidates and explained his concerns with Bartlett’s administration.

“It’s very telling that not one single person who served with Dewey Bartlett while he was on the Council or as mayor has stepped up to support his re-election,” Christiansen said. “But not only does Kathy have support of the police and fire, she has the support of both Republican and Democratic City Councilors and former City Councilors – even some she disagreed with pretty strongly at times. That tells you something.”

After hearing continued news of the budget crisis, rising crime rates and the green waste cover up by City Hall, Christiansen said he decided it was time to formally announce his support.

“Tulsans deserve better,” he said. “We deserve a mayor who will be a strong leader
when we have challenges like the budget crisis, our soaring crime rate, or even figuring out how to provide basic services like pick up our trash without lying to us or charging us for something we aren’t getting.”

Taylor said she was honored to have the support of Bill Christiansen. “No one knows better than I do what it means to make decisions based on a person and the issues for which they stand, instead of what is popular with a political party. It takes courage and it takes integrity.”

Christiansen, a city councilor from 2002 through 2011, worked directly with Taylor during her first term as mayor.

“She is honest, hard-working and fiscally responsible,” said Christiansen. “While we may not have always agreed on the issues, Kathy is a strong leader who won’t hide behind other people and refuse to take responsibility, unlike our current mayor.” “Bill and I both have the same vision for Tulsa when it comes to accountability and fiscal responsibility and we both realize it’s time for new leadership at City Hall,” said Taylor.

“We need a mayor who isn’t going to worry about partisan politics and get the job done right, and we need someone who will bring this city together in a nonpartisan way,” Christiansen said. “I believe we have that kind of leader in Kathy Taylor and I am encouraging all my supporters to join me in early voting Thursday or Friday, or at the polls on Tuesday, and vote for Kathy Taylor.”

Updated 11-07-2013

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