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DANIEL C. CAMERON for Union Boundary

Chuck Perry is beginning his second year as the Union Athletic Director. His first year saw a handful of state titles, numerous students receiving division 1 scholarships and full support from a top-of-class athletic department. He enters the school year full of confidence and excitement now that he knows the ropes.

Perry oversees 23 different programs in addition to intramurals, which includes the elementary level sports. The department has also absorbed the spirit programs this year. The Spirit program includes cheer, pom and the Highsteppers. Perry comments, “there is something going on all the time.” Perry says, “It’s all about the kids.” Explaining that they want to win and they are here to compete, but that the department works hard to engage all Union students in physical activity.

Union wants to get the students excited about something in addition to the academic side of their education. The intramural activities offered enrich the academic experience. The idea is to balance out school and make it a fun, healthy learning atmosphere. Perry adds, “It is a proven fact, kids that are plugged into something in the extracurricular realm do better in school.”

The Union athletic department bases its actions on five tenets: character, maximum participation, communication, academic state championships and state championships. “If you take care of those first four things, that fifth thing will come into place,” comments Perry.For an expanded version of this article and to listen to Chuck Perry’s interview, please visit

Updated 09-07-2009

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