City Employees Receive Gainsharing

Mayor Dewey Bartlett has announced the employee team that submitted the winning bid to retain maintenance and operations services at City Hall – One Technology Center will be awarded their share of $43,514.08 in additional compensation for the Fiscal Year 2012. This raises the total savings for the City of Tulsa to nearly $250,000 during Fiscal Year 2012. It is the maintenance team’s second gainsharing award for the year.

The maintenance crew won the operations and maintenance bid in June 2011 through the city’s first managed competition, bidding against private contractors for the same services. The maintenance and operations team handles electrical, mechanical, plumbing and carpentry duties at One Technology Center.

Simultaneous with the managed competition process, the city also adopted a gainsharing policy, where employee teams that win in managed competition can share up to 50 percent of the savings realized, if they perform the services at less the bid amount while meeting or exceeding performance standards.

The eight recipients of the City of Tulsa’s second gainsharing award are: John Comer, Lisa Abbott, LaTysha Jackson, André Hughes, Terry Hope, Robert McGuire, Todd Mashburn, and Rhonda Newby.

“This is another gold-star day for the city. I am so very proud of our maintenance crew for demonstrating their ability to work together as a team to find further efficiencies and savings at City Hall. It is a huge win-win, not only for the maintenance team, but for our entire organization,” Bartlett says. “They have become a great example to other employees of what we can do when we work together.”

Bartlett continues, “Our managed competition and gainsharing is transforming the way we perform city services and is allowing our employees to compete with the private sector. The program produces results and sends a clear message: if you compete, and win, there will be rewards for you. It is my sincere hope that the continued success of this team and the rewards they have earned this year will spur other employee groups to come forward with cost-saving ideas.”

Updated 12-14-2012

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