City of B.A., Crossland Heavy Contractors Receive Excellence in Construction Award

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BRONZE EAGLE PRESENTATION: ABC Construction Division Manager Timothy Robins, PE, left, presented the bronze eagle award to Mayor Craig Thurmond at the Broken Arrow Municipal Authority meeting in January.

The City of Broken Arrow and Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc., received the 2019 Excellence in Construction Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Oklahoma Chapter.
The award is in recognition of the Lynn Lane Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Improvements Project for the Public Works /Environmental category.
Construction Division Manager Timothy Robins, PE, presented the bronze eagle award to Mayor Craig Thurmond at the Broken Arrow Municipal Authority meeting on Jan. 7.
BAMA retained HDR Engineering, Inc., in 2016, to determine the most effective method of renovating the Screening and Grit Removal Facilities at the Lynn Lane Wastewater Treatment Plant.
They determined that a new headworks facility that includes grit removal and screening in one structure would best suit the City’s needs.
At the new headworks facility, fine screening, grit removal, foul odor control, and raw sewage influent pumping are now possible.
Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc., was the lowest bidder for the facility with a total bid of $9,772,220. A loan from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board Financial Assistance Program provided project funding.
This contract included the construction of a new multi-level influent screening structure comprised of reinforced concrete internal and external wall structures. This new robust concrete structure houses two new Hydrodyne fine particulate and debris screens along with screening handling equipment, new grit settling and handling equipment, and a new large capacity wet well with four new influent pumps sending the sewer flow into the rest of the plant.
Along with this structure and the demolition of existing conflicting structures, this project installed a new biofilter for odor control, resolving a long-standing issue for area residents.
Throughout the project, Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc. and the project team were able to collaborate to overcome several significant challenges during construction, including the execution of four major change orders to the project totaling more than $900,000. Other challenges included the need to install 4,000 linear feet of 8-inch waterline as well as contending with one of the heaviest rain seasons since 1986.
Even with these challenges, the team kept the project on the original timeline, completing the project with substantial completion on the original June 1, 2019, contract date, a truly remarkable achievement.