City of Tulsa Announces Winter Preparedness Info

  The City of Tulsa is responsible for clearing snow and ice from certain segments of the Tulsa expressway system and all arterial (main) streets. Other expressway segments in Tulsa are the responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. Tulsa County maintains arterials outside of the corporate limits of Tulsa and neighboring cities.

     The goal of the program  is to make expressways and arterial streets safe and passable as soon as possible after snowfall or ice begins.

    These resources are available to attain this goal:

9,600 tons of salt

55 truck-mounted sand-salt spreaders.

38 truck-mounted snow plows

4 motor graders for use as plows

1 truck-mounted liquid de-icer spraying units.

150 employees.

     The spreaders are assigned to 35 specific routes totaling 1,750 lane-miles. Spreading and plowing routes are prioritized based on traffic counts.

     Daytime operations are controlled by Public Works Facilities Maintenance managers. Nighttime operations are controlled from the Street Maintenance West Yard at 450 W. 23rd Street. You can get information on winter storm operations 24 hours a day at 596-9711.

Updated 11-16-2010

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