City of Tulsa Rises Through Resilience in Virtual Celebration of 3rd Annual 918 Day

GTR Media Group photo
BRIGHT LIGHTS: The 918 Day was again highlighted in bright lights from the majestic BOK Tower in downtown Tulsa.

When we created 918 Day in 2018, we did so to celebrate Tulsa and bring people together. This year, though we couldn’t come together too closely in person, we came together virtually on September 18, showcasing the resiliency we’ve had throughout this trying year.
In Tulsa, we define resilience as our ability to survive, adapt and thrive in the midst of chronic or acute shocks or stressors. This year definitely represented an acute shock, as we all had to survive, adapt and thrive in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
First, to survive and weather the pandemic, we had to know what we were dealing with so we could give our healthcare system enough time to build capacity. That’s why in March, we began the difficult process of asking people to stay home. This was our first test of resiliency. The decision to ask people to stay home affected people’s livelihoods, but in the end was necessary to allow our hospitals to adapt to the changing conditions and potential influx of patients.
Then in May and June, we started opening things back up. Our local hospitals showed a consistently low number of intakes. People returned to their jobs and adapted the way they conducted business. Many were working to thrive as they had been before the onset of the pandemic. This was our second test of resiliency.
But as we’ve said time and time again, viruses don’t adhere to municipal boundary lines, nor do they go away when we want to thrive, get back to work and get back to seeing the ones we love in person. Throughout the majority of the summer, we’ve dealt with increasing cases, yet again another acute stressor, and ended up having to pass a mask ordinance in Tulsa – another adaptation to our changing landscape.
All of this happened in 2020 and the year isn’t over, yet. We still stand with the fall season upon us. If you’re making the drive in from I-244, you’ll still see Downtown Tulsa piercing the skyline above. If you’re going out to support local businesses, you’ll still find Tulsans helping one another and doing their part to keep people safe. We’re still here, and our spirit is still very much alive.
We’ve experienced a bend, not break, year. We’ve survived, adapted, and thrived throughout one of the hardest years Tulsa has ever had to deal with.
This kind of spirit and resiliency is exactly why we celebrate 918 Day. 918 Day is a day for all of us to recognize that we’re continuously building the kind of city that betters itself for the next generation. Our grit, determination and heart is what continues to propel Tulsa forward, throughout any hardships that come our way.