City of Tulsa to Make 13 Streets ADA Compliant

A project with funding mostly from the City’s Community Development Block Grant has begun this week, to bring 13 locations of arterial streets and intersections into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sidewalks and curb ramps will be built to make these locations accessible to all Tulsa citizens regardless of disability.

The City of Tulsa is combining $685,510.50 in Community Development Block Grant funds with $165,858.50 in arterial sidewalk funds from the 2006 Third Penny Sales Tax for a total of $851,369 for this project, which includes the following roadway segments and intersections:

? 5100-5600 N. Peoria Ave.
? 1301-1501 E. 36th St. North (Peoria Avenue to Quaker Avenue)
? 714 E. 36th St. North (intersection with Hartford Ave.)
? 5600-6100 N. Cincinnati Ave.
? 2626 N. Cincinnati Ave. (intersection with Mohawk Boulevard)
? 3200-3500 N. Lewis Ave. (32nd Street North to Mohawk Boulevard)
? 2600-2800 N. Lewis Ave.
? 200-700 E. Apache St.
? 1700-1900 W. Edison St. (Union Avenue to Waco Avenue)
? 2238-2500 W. Edison St.
? 1400 N. Peoria Ave. (at Highway 75)
? 1400 E. Pine St. (at Highway 75)
? 11800-12400 E. Admiral Pl.

The City of Tulsa completed a Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan in 2011 to outline a citywide strategy for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the Plan, the City identified approximately $69 million in critical sidewalk needs for the arterial street network and established a 30-year goal to bring all of the identified areas into compliance.

Updated 01-08-2013

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