Classic, Affordable Valentines are Always in Fashion

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On Feb. 14, we celebrate with the exchange of Valentines or love tokens given to the ones we care for. We all know what we love to receive but maybe not what to buy for others, especially if money is tight or if cupid just hasn’t shot you with that arrow. If cupid can’t point you in the right direction maybe I can.

Valentines are nice because they aren’t meant to be extravagant; they are just a small gesture to remind someone you care, so keep it fun and simple! A little card with a small box a chocolate makes a perfect valentine for a co-worker, teacher or an aquaintance you might pass by daily (like the barista at the coffee shop); just a little reminder that you appreciate them.
How about something homemade for mom or grandma like yummy brownies or cookies? Make them heart shaped and ice them with pink icing or red sprinkles for a little festive flare. Wrap them up in a treat bag and attach a homemade valentine. If you have a little extra to spend, remember that mom loves to be pampered as well. A manicure or pedicure to a local spa will keep her thinking about you the whole time she’s being treated!
What about your best gal pals that you always depend on? If it wasn’t for them, you would have bought that awful shirt, which you know now you’d surely regret. For a little fun, make your girlfriends a goodie basket with their favorite lip gloss or lotion and/or an inexpensive piece of jewelry like earrings or a trendy bracelet. Check out boutiques carrying local artist’s pieces; more than likely the pieces are one of a kind and pleasing to your checking account. Put all the goodies in a pink or red basket, throw in some of those homemade brownies and attach a valentine. Now the hard part is not keeping it for you.

For those women who are single, you’re all done! Put on a sassy little outfit, call the girls and celebrate V-day! Attached? Buy your man bottle of your favorite cologne. Try Michel Germain’s new men’s cologne. It’s fresh and undeniably clean, masculine and sexy. Need a suggestion for something a little more personal? Make him Valentine’s dinner. Invite him to dinner with a handwritten invitation: “You’re invited to a party for two, the evening of Feb. 14 and write the location (“at your place”). Love, (your name) P.S. Bring your favorite bottle of wine.” Leave the invite taped to his steering wheel or put it in his wallet, some place where you know he will get it. For dinner make him his favorite dish. Then for dessert do something unexpected, make sundaes and have all sorts of different toppings, such as fudge, chopped bananas, “I love you” M&M’s and other candies. It’s something that you can do together; don’t forget to get messy and have fun! After all, isn’t the way to a man’s heart through his stomach?

No matter what you chose, a heart-felt gift is always in fashion.

Holly Perkins is the Assistant Buyer for Isabella’s, an upscale fashion store located in Tulsa’s Brookside at 35th St. just east of Peoria Ave. The phone number is (918) 744-9100. The Web site is

Updated 01-23-2008

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