Collaboration Review Continues

The City/County Collaborative Government Advisory Committee held its third meeting on Tuesday, April 26 with a review of operations in parks and administrative services.

City Parks Director Lucy Dolman, County Parks Director Richard Bales and Riverparks Director Matt Meyer reported that the three park systems currently work well together and cited several examples of cooperative efforts undertaken in the recent past.

Examples of future cooperation in the respective park systems include employee training, loaned or traded equipment and services, and the possibility of a jointly developed park in south Tulsa.

Officials also reported on the potential of cooperation in printing and office services. Tulsa County Administrative Services Director Chad Higgins and City of Tulsa Director of Administration Jim Twombly reported on some of the possibilities including joint purchasing of printing paper and other office supplies as well as the Tulsa County’s full service print shop supplying the City of Tulsa with certain print services. Officials will continue to meet about these projects.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Commissioner Fred Perry continue to praise the efforts of city and county department heads and staff for finding new ways to work together.
“This collaboration ties into the goals of our citizens and can ultimately save money for the taxpayers as we pursue projects together,” Bartlett says. “Parks and administrative services are two areas that are ripe for collaboration and sharing resources. We have three park systems in Tulsa, so it’s a natural place to look for project to increase opportunities for cost reductions, cost sharing and to make all of our parks the best they can be.”

“Our efforts show some measurable potential in both parks and administrative services,” says Commissioner Perry. “We continue to have fruitful meetings both at the staff level and with this committee. The money and time saved from our meetings will impact both organizations, and ultimately the taxpayers.”

Updated 05-23-2011

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