Commissioner Fred Perry to Run for Re-election


Commissioner Fred Perry announced that he plans to run for re-election for county commissioner in 2010. He says, “It has been an honor to serve District 3 and all of Tulsa County these last three years. We’ve accomplished much, but there is more to do to make Tulsa County and Expo Square even more efficient, responsive and effective for the benefit of the constituents.”

Perry, who has a near-perfect attendance record on the many county boards and commissions, says that he is proud of the record that that he and the other commissioners have accomplished. As examples of accomplishments, he pointed to his leadership in establishing a policy by which the chairmanship of the fair board rotates each year. In the past, the Tulsa County Board of County Commissioners () chairman chaired both boards simultaneously, along with other boards and commissions. This new system allows the commissioners to be pro-active, rather than simply reactive to problems and opportunities. “This has made for greater efficiency and productivity at the county and at Expo Square,” he says.

As 2008 chairman, Perry led in implementing many of the recommendations of the 2007 Performance Audit task force and began the process towards the implementation of the most comprehensive item in the performance audit, that dealing with energy efficiency which is expected to save the Tulsa County millions of dollars in the future. He brought about the improvement of the county Web site which, along with subsequent work by Commissioner Smaligo and other county officers this year, led to an A+ rating “for transparency” to Tulsa County from the national Sam Adams Sunshine Review Project, one of only five counties in the country to receive such a high rating.

At Expo Square, in 2007 and 2008, along with the other members of the TCPFA (known as the fair board), he helped oversee the completion of the construction of three major buildings and the reconstructed midway. As 2009 chairman, he led the search for a new and, along with Mark Andrus, played a significant role in dramatic cost reduction and an increase in new business at Expo Square. Perry appointed himself to chair the committee studying alternatives dealing with the use of former Driller Stadium at 15th Street and Yale Avenue. Perry went to the public for their input regarding the stadium via an online survey questionnaire. The public responded by submitting over 2,000 completed questionnaires. “After further study, we will make a recommendation to the board before the end of the year,” he says.

Commissioner Perry also pointed to a number of District 3 road projects that have been completed during his term including the widening/improvement of the intersection of 101st Street and Memorial Drive, numerous overlay projects such as between Sheridan and Memorial on both 91st and 101st Streets. Bids will go out shortly for the widening of 193rd East Avenue between 101st and the Creek Turnpike and the widening of the 111th and Sheridan Road intersection. The widening of Garnett Road between 81st and 91st Streets is expected to begin next spring followed by 91st to 101st later in 2010. The intersection of 111th and Mingo is on the drawing board as are many street overlay projects in Bixby.

“The county construction crews did or will do all of these projects but in some cases the material was provided by the appropriate city government. “Our District 3 crew has also done a good job of repairing pot holes, maintaining the roads and mowing the grass along the county roads and addressing drainage issues,” Perry said.

District 3 includes South Tulsa, the South 3/4 of Broken Arrow, Bixby and south Midtown. The 2010 primary for state and county offices will be on July 27 with the general election November 2.

Perry worked in the business world, in the area of information technology, for 30 years before running for office in 1994, when he was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He was sworn in as county commissioner in January 2007.

He and his wife Marcia live in Broken Arrow. They have two adult children and three grandchildren.

Updated 11-23-2009

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