Community Encouraged to Participate in OneVoice

President and CEO, Tulsa Metro Chamber

COMMUNITY ATTENTION: Participants gathered last year at the Regional OneVoice Legislative Summit, which will be held this year on Aug. 28. The summit allows to Tulsans to vote to decide the top 10 state and top 10 federal priorities.

Immigration. Health care. Education. Economic development. Tourism. Jobs. Infrastructure. Natural resources. Taxes. Regulations. Reforms.

A lengthy list of issues – much longer than the one above – leads conversations at our state’s Capitol and defines what decisions will be made in the legislature. In turn, those decisions create an impact on our everyday lives: our jobs, children, quality of life and economy.

It’s the chamber’s goal to help drive those decisions so that they will have a positive impact on the region. Our government affairs division works year-round to review and consider what Tulsa regional businesses and families need to prosper and grow. We work with our peers and partners throughout the metro area to develop a community-wide legislative advocacy effort, called OneVoice. This list of regional priorities is viewed by legislators and leaders as the go-to reference for what the Tulsa region needs. It’s a unified voice for the region that speaks loudly at the Capitol.

The Regional OneVoice Legislative Agenda defines the top 10 state and top 10 federal priorities for the Tulsa region. This huge collaborative effort demands quite the process to identify and prioritize this long list of issues, culminating in the Regional Legislative Summit on Aug. 28, where hundreds of Tulsans participate in group voting to decide these top state and federal priorities.

This event is your chance to make an impact on your community through legislative advocacy. Helping define the 2014 Regional OneVoice Legislative Agenda means the issues that are important to you and your business are heard.

A large range of industries and areas throughout the Tulsa region will be represented, ensuring the 2014 Regional OneVoice Legislative Agenda is an accurate reflection of the greater community. The 2013 agenda boasted a record 61 endorsements from our regional partners. Ranging from municipalities to nonprofit organizations, these endorsements further strengthen the power behind the OneVoice agenda.

With continued growth in participation from individuals, businesses and organizations, we can only expect to see growth in our successes.

So, here’s your chance to help us further expand the OneVoice agenda and its impact at the Capitol. Join us Aug. 28 for the Regional Legislative Summit and be a part of this legislative advocacy process.

If you’re not quite ready to attend a legislative event, I encourage you to sign up for the chamber’s weekly newsletter, the Monday Memo, by visiting Click on the green footer at the bottom of the page that says “Chamber Info” and follow the link that reads “Sign up for our newsletters.” Or, follow us on Facebook and Twitter at or @TulsaChamber for regular updates and information.

Updated 07-30-2013

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