Jim Bridenstine, above, was a surprise winner in the June 26 Republican primary for Oklahoma’s U.S. House District 1 when he easily defeated ten-year incumbent John Sullivan. The photo was taken at the LaFortune Park gathering room the night of the election.

Bridenstine is a Jenks High School graduate, veteran combat pilot who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and former executive director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. He also holds a triple major from Rice University in economics, psychology and business and a masters of business administration from Cornell University. He and his wife, Michelle, have three children with a fourth child due in February. Bridenstine currently flies counter-narcotics missions around the world with the Navy Reserve.

Bridenstine is pro-life and supports gun ownership and term limits for members of Congress. Bridenstine says he plans to bring leadership and accountability to Washington and to fight for fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and spending costs. He says he will also work to create energy independence through free market principles.

On Nov. 6 for the U.S. Congress general election, Bridenstine will run against Democrat John Olson and Independent Craig Allen.

Updated 07-20-2012

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