Council Oak Celebrates 10 Years


Council Oak Mens Chorale was formed in 1997 from a group of 12 singers who came together to provide music for a World AIDS Day memorial service. The small group of dedicated singers has grown into an organization known throughout the nation for its vocal excellence.

COMC presented its first concert in 1998 under the direction of Rick Fortner. Six of the 1998 performers (Greg Davis, Glen Jones, Scott Malloy, John Offutt, David Selstad and Bill Stoskopf) are still members of COMC; Davis and Jones have performed in every single concert since 1998.

Most recently COMC performed in Miami, Fla. at the July 2008 GALA Choruses convention. GALA Choruses serves 120-plus choruses that range in size from five to 250 singers internationally. Based in Pittsburg, Pa, GALA Choruses is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to fostering the artistic and organizational development of member choruses and 7500 singers.

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Updated 09-03-2008

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