Crystal Darkness Campaign to Fight Methamphetamine Abuse

Tulsa leaders are joining with other leaders statewide to promote Childhelp Crystal Darkness Oklahoma, a campaign aimed at tackling methamphetamine abuse in the state.

“Oklahoma has made tremendous strides in fighting the epidemic of methamphetamine, but far too many families across our state still struggle with this powerful and deadly drug,” Henry said. “Crystal Darkness Oklahoma will highlight education, prevention, recovery and hope to let folks know that their life can get back on track.” Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor echoed the statewide support for the program “Methamphetamine is an incredibly dangerous drug and it is crippling many communities in our state, we have to find ways of reaching out to all Oklahomans and begin to address substance abuse in a comprehensive way. Crystal Darkness Oklahoma is going to help us touch those who have been affected by narcotics and allow us to begin guiding them on their road to recovery.”

The campaign is modeled after similar programs in Nevada, California, Oregon and Arizona. It is aimed at increasing meth awareness, as well as providing treatment and law enforcement assistance to communities – large and small – across Oklahoma. The documentary will feature gripping testimonials that graphically portray the devastating impact meth has had on families and communities.

Phase Two is a comprehensive approach that involves statewide drug awareness education and training for schools, parents and community groups, as well as ensuring law enforcement entities continue working together to suppress and eliminate meth production, trafficking, distribution and use.

“Oklahoma took a historic step forward by passing the country’s toughest anti-meth legislation and numerous states followed,” Henry said. “Now we have Crystal Darkness Oklahoma, which has the power to ignite a grassroots movement and gives Oklahomans the chance to make a difference in their own community.”

Updated 12-16-2008

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