DAR Folds Flags for Service Members

DAY OF SERVICE: Members of the Broken Arrow Creek and Tulsa Chapters of the DAR fold Pocket Flags as a part of the DAR’s annual Day of Service.

The Broken Arrow Creek chapter of National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (), along with the Tulsa Chapter, recently folded American flags for the Pocket Flag Project as a part of the annual Day of Service.

The chapters folded 300 flags, placed them in plastic pouches, and inserted a card from the Pocket Flag Project and the .

“The flags show our military at the front that we care about them and truly appreciate their service,” said Diana Kempe, the organizer of the Day of Service.

Once folded, the flags are mailed within six weeks and are sent only to active duty military.

“A flag for your pocket so you can always carry a little piece of home”—thus begins the statement that is included with each Pocket Flag sent to active duty military personnel.

“The flag project gave two chapters the chance to work together while providing our military with something they can keep with them at all times, if they so wish,” Kempe said. “We are honored to take part in such a project.”

Any woman 18 years of age or older who can trace her direct lineage to a Revolutionary War patriot is eligible for membership in the .

Updated 12-19-2017

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