Dawson’s Market Makes Shopping Enjoyable

DINNER IS WAITING: Scott Van Tuyl, master chef, stands behind a portion of Dawson’s Market’s expansive meat counter. The new specialty grocer offers a wide variety of fresh beef, poultry and seafood and a deli with meals to take home.

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Inviting…comfortable…convenient. Dawson’s Market, a new neighborhood specialty grocer located in the Renaissance Shopping Center at 82nd and Memorial Drive, offers an atmosphere that is a mix of old world European market and the small, local grocery of yesteryear. High quality food and personal service at reasonable prices make grocery shopping enjoyable again.

“It used to be that your local grocer played an integral part of your daily routine,” says owner Don Jones. “They knew your likes and dislikes and could help you ensure your mealtime was wholesome, better tasting and affordable. Dawson’s Market can do all that and more.”

From the first glance, the first sniff and the first bite, it is easy to see that Dawson’s offers culinary standards normally associated with only the most famous chefs and the very best restaurants. But now they are available to Tulsans for use in their very own kitchens.

Central to Dawson’s Market is a selection of fresh meats, seafood and poultry that is often hard to find.

The Market offers Oklahoma beef that is supplied directly by the Straight Iron Cattle Company giving customers the added assurance that they are buying healthy and delicious pasture-raised beef that has been grain-fed, using no growth hormones or antibiotics.

“There is no middleman. Our ready-to-market beef is butchered, drawn and delivered directly to our store, ready for natural aging in our cooler located right in the Market. Our experienced butchers know well the importance of following all USDA practices in aging, handling, and cutting beef.”

Each steak and roast is cut from a whole side of beef rather than the typical small hunks distributed to supermarkets for packaging.

“We are happy to do custom cuts,” says Jones. “Porterhouse steak that is two inches thick? No problem. Standing rib trimmed and ready to season and roast? A particular grind for chili or your best meatloaf? No problem.”

Beef is sold in quantity, as well. A half or whole side is easily ordered, cut and packaged to the customer’s specifications. Very popular is one of the many Dawson’s “bundles,” which is usually 25 pounds of naturally aged beef cut and packaged as the customer requests.

Remarkably, pricing of this beef compares to beef prices at supermarkets.

“Americans consume more beef per capita than any other culture,” Jones says. “And, Americans have mostly settled for the supermarket steak cut from a cow that was injected with hormones to promote fat and fast growth—a practice that evolved from meeting the demands of the highly profitable beef business.

“You won’t find that here.”

Dawson’s Market also carries only the freshest and healthiest pork from chops or crown roast to freshly-ground and seasoned sausage.

With spring arriving, lamb becomes popular fare, and Dawson’s offers only the finest quality in the cuts people most love, from thick and juicy little chops to the well-trimmed leg ready for roasting.

Good, clean poultry is available, too, as are choices of seasonal game and high-quality, fresh seafood.

Lining the shelves are jars of imported jams and jellies, hand-made packaged pastas and sauces. Dawson’s Market also carries fresh, fragrant bulk spices that can be sold by the half ounce for immediate use at home or for storing in airtight containers to ensure freshness.

Rounding out the selections are artisan breads, crisp fresh vegetables and fruits and a wide selection of cheeses and imported Italian meats. Among the many options from which customers may choose are smoked Gouda, provolone, and favorite brands such as Humboldt Fog, or premium selections from Cowgirl Creamery.

To ensure the tastiest result, preparation and cooking advice from professional butchers and chefs is available, as are ideas for saucing, starters, side dishes, and wine.

“If the day is hectic, or if you are just plain not in the mood to hustle pots and pans, it is easy to assemble an entire meal from the deli case,” Jones says. “Typically we’ll have a wide variety of meals just waiting to go home with someone—meat loaf, macaroni and cheese, smoked salmon, chicken salad, Asian slaw and tossed salads with a choice of homemade dressings are just a few of the options.”

Always inviting is the already prepared filet wrapped in bacon that just needs the assistance of a good baked potato and a tart green salad or fresh fruit salad served with a homemade yogurt – all ready to be picked up and served at home.

If you’ve always wished for a personal chef, try Dawson’s To Go. Here, Dawson’s chef prepares hand-made meals for your family’s dining.

“All you have to do is just pick up the phone and order food for the evening, for the week, or even a whole month.The additional meals are designed to be frozen and then reheated and naturally, foolproof instructions are included with each meal.”

Whether you choose to prepare a fancy sit-down dinner for eight from scratch, or just want to be sure that you always have something in the freezer that is delicious and nourishing, you can find what you need for your family at Dawson’s Market.

Dawson’s Market is located at 82nd and Memorial Drive in the Renaissance Shopping Center, just next door to The Savory Chef. Hours: 10 a.m.–6:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and 10 a.m.–5:00 p.m. on Saturday. (918) 392-5990. Visit Dawson’s Market online at: www.dawsonsmarket.com

Updated 03-20-2006

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