Deco to Disco Vintage Offers Travel into the Past

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INTERESTING SHOP: Jennifer Taylor at her Deco to Disco Store on Cherry Street at 1508 E. 15th St.


Deco to Disco Vintage is a unique shop on Cherry Street. Visiting the store is like a traveling in a time machine, because it offers vintage clothing and accessories from the 1920s to the 1980s.

The owner of the shop, Jennifer Taylor, started the business a year ago. Previously, her brother, Maurice Powell, and she had an antique shop, Mod 50’s Modern, also on Cherry Street, and later Jennifer opened her own Deco to Disco Vintage store.

“Vintage clothing is my interest,” Jennifer says. “I always was interested in fashion. Vintage clothing is a mixing of fashion and changing of trends, and I’ve always liked to learn more about the subject.”

Deco to Disco Vintage has many unique items with designs, which cannot be found in modern stores anymore such as a peach color dress from the 1920s. “A fashion is a reflection of the time,” Jennifer comments. “In the 1920s, women cut their hair, began to wear bolder dresses, dance the Charleston and smoke. In the 1940s, women started to wear pants. The sexual revolution in the 1960s brought topless bathing suits.”

One notices other unusual and beautiful items in the store, such as straw bags in the shapes of fish and sea shells, a black and white hexagon beaded purse, a 1940’s hat with a veil, 1970s tall lace-up boots with embroidered flowers, 1960s Inid Collins wooden purses and jewels, a 1960s wooden purse painted by a craft artist, and kimonos made in Japan, some of them from WWI.

Deco to Disco Vintage has a large selection of vintage goods. For example, there are about 100 hats from the 1950s. Also, the store has guys disco polyester slinky shirts and leisure jackets, 1960s and 70s women’s dresses and also suits, skirts, boots, shoes, gloves, wigs, purses, aprons, belts, ties, and jewelry. “I like a good selection and quality merchandise,” the owner of the store says. “And I offer seasonal clothing, for example, at prom time I try to have vintage prom dresses, etc.”

“I want customers to be excited about vintage clothing,” Jennifer continues. “Fashion in the modern stores follows vintage, like now, bracelets and long necklaces are in fashion and I have them in the store.” Jennifer is a very communicable and energetic person and many customers enjoy visiting her store and discussing fashion and other subjects.

There is a very good selection of beautiful jewelry items and many of them are collectible. These are rhinestone pins, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, a lot of Austrian crystals from the 1920s to the 1980s, art deco glass necklaces, a lot of old plastics and 1960s bright color earrings and beads, pearls, perfume bottles, little boxes and evening bags.

Jennifer invites everybody to visit her store: “It is a really good place to look at things from different eras, almost like a museum. It is a good place to be dressed for Halloween, for back to school, to wear something nice and pretty, and shopping for what in style. It is a good place to find something really unusual, to dress for an event, to look unique and different, to find something special and different.” She continues: “Many times people say to me, “I wore a dress or purse or jewelry from your store and everybody gave me compliments.”

Jennifer Taylor also belongs to a Vintage jewelry group in Tulsa. Deco to Disco Vintage is located at 1508 E. 15th St. The telephone is 592-2070.

Updated 09-28-2005

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