Dinosaurs Return to Tulsa Zoo

INTERESTING EXHIBIT: Sara Floyd of the Tulsa Zoo is enthralled with Zoorassic Park 2.

ROSSY GILLE for GTR Newspapers

It’s going to be another year of prehistoric proportions as Zoorassic Park returns to the Tulsa Zoo. Zoorassic Park 2 will take guests back in time with 26 life-like creatures. The temporary exhibit, which lasts through August, will showcase 11 dinosaur species, nine of which are making their first stop at the Tulsa Zoo. The exhibit will also feature two bug displays, including a grasshopper and ladybug. These displays will feature magnified creatures of the natural world, showcasing their hidden beauty while changing the way you look at insects.

A few featured dinosaur species include the 40-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex, a top-level predator with serrated teeth. Other dinosaur species include the Baryonyx, a carnivore that preyed on fish. Guests may also recognize the Triceratops, an herbivore with three horns on its head.

These giant displays were designed by Billings Productions of McKinney, Texas. Each display is built on a steel frame and its exterior is covered with intricate rubber skin, giving the displays a lifelike appearance. Each dinosaur display is animatronic, allowing for realistic movements, including the ability to gnash its teeth and roar.

Zoorassic Park 2 will be open daily through Aug. 31. Admission to the special exhibit is $5 per person with regular zoo admission or $4 per person for members.

Updated 03-23-2015

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