District Site Teachers of the Year Announced

GREAT TEACHERS: The 2018-2019 Site Teachers of the Year are: (pictured left to right) first row, Hillary Taylor, Catherine Zelenski, Raven Gibson, Brandy McCombs, Cassie Lisicki, Megan Sparks, Christa Kempenich; second row, Steve Martin, Natalie Macrae, Libby Sparkman, Annabelle Henry; third row, Stephanie Solnok, Kaitlyn Bueno, Lisa Shotts, Rose Lambert, Jenny Ochwo, Melissa Paschall, and Lauren Watts. Not pictured is Jeff Kennedy.

Photo courtesy Union Public Schools             

Union Public Schools announced its 2018-2019 School Site Teachers of the Year. The District Teacher of the Year will be announced during a formal reception in February at the Union Performing Arts Center at Union High School, 6636 S. Mingo Rd.

Being named Teacher of the Year is one of the highest honors a teacher can receive at Union. All of the school site Teachers of the Year will be honored during the winter reception. Teachers were selected by their peers in 2018.

The Site Teachers of the Year are:
Elementary Schools
Andersen Elementary: Megan Sparks, prekindergarten; Boevers Elementary: Shirley Davis, music; Cedar Ridge Elementary: Libby Sparkman, fourth grade; Clark Elementary: Raven Gibson, kindergarten; Darnaby Elementary, Lauren Watts, second grade; Grove Elementary, Brandy McCombs, first grade; Jarman Elementary:  Hillary Taylor, art; Jefferson Elementary: Annabelle Henry, first grade; McAuliffe Elementary: Steve Martin, fifth grade; Moore Elementary: Christa Kempenich, special education; Ellen Ochoa Elementary: Lisa Shotts, fourth grade; Peters Elementary: Melissa Paschall, multi-age first/second grade; Rosa Parks Elementary: Stephanie Solnok, third grade; Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center: Natalie Macrae.

Grade Centers
6th Grade Center: Kaitlyn Bueno, language arts; 7th Grade Center: Cassie Lisicki, English; 8th Grade Center: Catherine Zelenski, language arts; 9th Grade Center, Rose Lambert, media specialist.

High School
High School: Jenny Ochwo, English Learner.

Alternative School
Alternative School: Jeff Kennedy, math. 

Updated 01-18-2019

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