Doghouse Becomes the Longest Standing Hotdog Business in Tulsa

Recently, the health department reported that the Doghouse has the longest standing hotdog business in Tulsa. The business is noted for cleanliness of carts, food and staff.

Josh Lynch decided to begin the business just over 3 years ago with the help of his father who provided the first stand. Today, Lynch has 6 stands in operation throughout the area.

The locations include:

Cain’s Ballroom
Brady Theater
15th and Boston (near Gadget Shop)
Meyers Motorcycles
18th and Boston (Tuesday-Sunday evenings)

Jerimiah, one of his evening cart vendors, formerly of Joe Mama’s, can be found in the evenings in the Blue Dome parking lot near Arnie’s. He is familiar with businesses and patrons and has hot dogs ready for those late night cravings (9 p.m. – 2 a.m.).

For more information, visit, email or call (918) 810-9330.

Updated 07-01-2010

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