Dr. Chris Kelley Runs for Owasso City Council

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GIVING BACK: Dr. Kelley pauses with his family to discuss his candidacy for City Council.

Courtesy of Small Animal Hospital of Owasso

Dr. Chris Kelley has enjoyed being a part of the Owasso community and hopes to become even more involved soon. He recently announced that he will be running for the Owasso City Council, Ward 2.

“This community means everything to me. This is where my wife and I are raising our children, where our home is, where our business is, where our friends are, and where we want our children to come back and live because we are going to spend the rest of our lives here.”

With a passion for veterinary medicine, Kelley attended Oklahoma State University and then became part owner of the Small Animal Hospital of Owasso.  “I feel very blessed to be a veterinarian.  Being a veterinarian is as much about dealing with people as it is animals and I love doing both.  There is great pride in figuring out ways to help sick animals with income-challenged owners as well as treating the most sophisticated cases. The highs and lows of helping someone bring a new pet into the family as well as helping them say good-bye can be challenging but rewarding at the same time.”

Once settled into the business, he decided to volunteer for nonprofit organizations such as the Owasso Capital Improvements Committee, Owasso Board of Adjustment and the Owasso Education Foundation. In addition, he is the current executive board vice chair for the Owasso Chamber of Commerce.

Kelley wants the city to focus on minimizing debt, solutions for the Bailey Golf Course, transparency in government, and independent thinking and decision making. “As an Owasso City Councilor, I will listen and make each decision after carefully studying the facts and the opinions of Owassans.”

Owasso City Council election is Tuesday, March 6. For more information about Kelley and his campaign, visit his website at www.vote4kelley.com or his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ChrisKelleyforOwassoCityCouncil.

Updated 02-27-2012

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