Drew Pearson Writes ‘Hail Mary’

TULSA VISIT: Tulsa Public Schools Athletic Director Stephanie Spring with Drew Pearson at last spring’s Jim Thorpe Dinner

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If Drew Pearson is going to write a book, it has to be titled ‘Hail Mary.’ Not only for the pass he caught against the Vikings in 1975, but because his whole life has been about Hail Marys. “I’ve wanted to write a book for some time, but it’s been a while coming,” he says. “Things started falling together last December when Jim Rogers of Zone Press approached me with some solid ideas. Jim is a former teacher and coach, and has written two sports novels himself. I am extremely comfortable with him, and he couldn’t be more pleased with the product that has evolved. The story follows a track starting in New Jersey, where I grew up, to the University of Tulsa, to the Dallas Cowboys, to life after football.”

‘Hail Mary’ is a hardcover book with a ‘collectible’ cover jacket, 308 pages, with 14 pages of great photos. “I hope that it is something that Cowboy fans will want to put in their collections, but I also hope that a message related to the virtues of commitment and hard work is conveyed.”

‘Hail Mary’ will hit the streets the first of December, and an autographed copy can be reserved now at www.zonepress.com.

Updated 11-24-2004

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