DVIS Unites With Call Rape

SYNERGY: Present at the unification news conference are, from left, Missy Iski, DVIS director of programs and counseling; Erin Michael, Call Rape educator; Felicia Collins Correia, DVIS executive director; Sandra Brownlee, Call Rape board president; and Sharon Corbitt, DVIS board president.

MATTHEW GROSS for GTR Newspapers

Call Rape and the Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. have unified their services to assist survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the community. The unification of the two organizations integrates all programmatic and administrative functions of both groups to increase the efficiency and quality of services offered to the community.

Felicia Collins Correia, DVIS executive director, and Sara Brownlee, Call Rape president, explain that most major cities have one agency to serve both sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

Updated 01-14-2005

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