DYP Opens its Doors in Tulsa

DYP has recently announced it has launched a public relations firm specializing in Hispanic outreach. The firm will provide marketing services to businesses that are involved in the Hispanic community.

“We see examples every day of why a firm like DYP is needed in our market. Earlier this month, Americans celebrated Cinco de Mayo, which many believe is Mexico’s version of Independence Day,” said Rodrigo Rojas, DYP president and co-founder. “But many Mexicans don’t celebrate this holiday because Mexican Independence Day is in September. There are cultural assumptions that are impossible to know without having that inside track.”

Businesses are starting to recognize the importance of reaching out to Hispanic communities, as they are the fastest growing consumer group in the region. According to the Selig Center’s 2008 Multicultural Economy report, the Hispanic buying power is predicted to increase 30-35 percent in Oklahoma and Arkansas between 2008 and 2013.

DYP, which stands for Diseño y Publicidad (Design and Public Relations,) will help businesses develop consistent marketing plans appealing to Hispanics – an audience that makes up nearly 10 percent of Tulsa’s population. DYP also provides services to Hispanic companies wanting to reach Anglos.

“DYP is really a one-stop shop where clients from the region can build a strong foundation in the Hispanic community. There is a need, especially among businesses who want to reach Hispanics, to develop marketing or public relations plans that appeal to both Anglos and Hispanics without having to outsource to several different companies,” said Guillermo Rojas, DYP co-founder. “Because we have a bilingual staff that understands both cultures, DYP can handle all of those needs.”

The goal of the company is to provide consistent and effective messaging across all communication channels, especially those with language and culture barriers.

Some companies in the past have made the mistake of launching products or campaigns with messages that are comical or even offensive to a Hispanic audience. For example, when Chevy tried to advertise its new model, the Nova, in Mexico, the campaign failed because the word Nova in Spanish translates to “doesn’t go.”

DYP’s services will include public relations, creative, Web, media buying and planning, and translation. For more information about DYP, visit www.dyppr.com or call (918) 744-9502.

Updated 05-24-2010

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