Elementary School Raises Money for Earthquake Victims

Students at Skelly Elementary School, stunned over televised images depicting the suffering of earthquake-ravaged Haitians, have launched an effort to raise $3,000 for relief efforts.

The students are selling Hearts for Haiti—cutout paper hearts of the Valentine’s Day variety—for 50¢. The goal is to raise $1500. Field Service Express, Skelly’s Partner in Education, has agreed to match the donation with $1500 of their own money.

“The kids felt a concern, seeing kids their own age without food and water. Knowing people were doing Valentines Day things anyway, this seemed like a good way to raise money,” said Robert Yerton, assistant principal at Skelly.

The money will be donated to the American Red Cross.
For more information, call (918) 925- 1540

Updated 01-20-2010

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