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RE-ENERGIZING GETAWAY: Benjamin Jayne, co-owner of Elements Spa, located in the Crowne Plaza in downtown Tulsa, welcomes guests to his spa, a tranquil serene space that transforms body and mind. Elements Spa offers several specials such as the fun “Girls Night Out.??? For more information, call (918) 493-1676, or visit www.elements-spa.net.

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Elements Spa, located at the Crowne Plaza downtown, offers guests the opportunity to depart Tulsa for an hour, or two, or more, and enters into a tranquil, serene space that transforms body and mind. Connie Otis, director of marketing for Crowne Plaza, says, “We’re so pleased that the Crowne Plaza is the venue for Elements Spa. We receive consistently positive feedback from our hotel guests and local visitors. It’s clear from the glowing praise we get that the spa offers a truly valued service.” She adds, “It’s another wonderful example of the power of space.”

The Crowne Plaza’s power of space operates in a subtle and powerful way at Elements Spa. Owner Benjamin Jayne is an expert in spa design and management and has traveled the world extensively, spending a substantial amount of time in Southeast Asia. Jayne, whose co-owner is Regina Carter, has designed and managed some of the world’s premier elite spas and this experience has shaped his philosophy. He says, “Elements Spa is about restoration. We want our clients to come in and, while they’re here, feel like they’re in another place, like they’ve left town. The whole idea is to provide a restorative break from day-to-day life stress and pressing issues. It’s about getting away from it all in a way that actually restores and re-energizes our clients.” He adds, “We don’t express our clients through the spa like most hotel spas tend to do. We are focused on the well being of each client and providing the restoration each client needs.”

Elements Spa reflects Jayne’s lifestyle and philosophical approach to well being. “We’re living in a society where we are constantly pressured to sell ourselves. We all have something to sell. Whether it’s selling a business service, selling a product or selling our boss on how well we do our jobs, we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy promoting and selling ourselves to the highest bidder in order to take care of our families and other obligations.” He adds, “We spend very little time actually taking care of ourselves.”

Jayne cites a survey in which data reveal that men and women, after calculating for time spent on family, jobs, friends, volunteering, etc., spend over the course of their entire lives, six percent (men) and two percent (women) of their time on themselves. “We spend so little time on ourselves,” Jayne says. “There are days when each one of us should say, ‘I’m the highest bidder in my life’ and then take the time to focus on taking care of and nurturing ourselves.”

One of the most distinctive features about the spa is not just the wash of calm one feels upon entering, but its authenticity as well. Put another way, the atmosphere is not a contrived Asian themed spa cliché, a problem from which so many spas seem to suffer. Elements Spa has a one-of-a-kind feeling. The decorative features all have a story to tell and some offer a glimpse into Jayne’s life and travels. There is the elegant wood screen from Indonesia that was rescued during a demolition of a building. The prints on the opposite wall are from World War II. They are hand-painted well wishes from a Japanese family. Atop an ornate carved cabinet rests an unlikely looking backpack made from bamboo. “It looks fragile, but a person can carry up to 200 pounds with that pack if the load is balanced properly,” says Jayne. “I’ve seen it done.”

The spa’s subdued lighting and muted, earthy tones create an aura of peace, quiet and restfulness that pervades every room. The softly lit Hydro Room has no corners and houses the largest bathtub in the world. Standing in the center of this circular room is the circular Jacuzzi bath, two feet deep and over six feet across. “The Hydro Room is a wonderful place to experience absolute relaxation,” says Jayne. “We utilize the science and psychology of color, ‘colorography’ to create the most soothing environment possible.” As the water swirls and bubbles, a series of lights in gentle hues of amber, violet, blue, red and green cycle through the water. The effect is so relaxing it is nearly hypnotic.

In addition to a room dedicated to pedicures, manicures and whirlpool footbaths, there are several rooms for massage and facials. Each is designed to provide the most tranquil and peaceful experience possible. Following a spa treatment, clients can experience the rainforest shower. Water jets placed along the slate grey shower walls provide an experience similar to being rained upon and misted in a tropical rainforest. A French Vichy shower is also available. This “lie down shower,” complete with a lid that pulls down over the body, has jets that spray warm water on all of the body’s pressure points. This alleviates stress and increases circulation, which aids in the body cleansing itself of toxins.

Another way to alleviate stress at Elements Spa is to use the oxygen bar. It generates lavender infused oxygen that is 95 percent pure, compared to the 33 percent pure oxygen that people breathe on a daily basis. Breathing the purer oxygen is recommended as a way to get rid of headaches and clarify the mind. Lavender is well known for its ability to calm, refresh, invigorate and lift the spirits.

When asked about the most popular spa treatment, Jayne mentions the weekend escape package. “It’s by far our most popular package,” he says. “Our clients can enjoy the best of both worlds: Elements luxury spa treatments and a deluxe room at the Crowne Plaza with all of its amenities. It’s a great way to experience a truly restorative weekend away from it all.”

About Elements Spa: offering a full range of services, including massages, body polishing, facials, and nail services, as well as a number of relaxing packages. Elements is also a full-service day spa with professionally-trained experts. For more information, call (918) 493-1676, or visit www.elements-spa.net.

Updated 03-09-2009

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