Empire Football League Announces 2010 Season Schedule

(Vocus/PRWEB ) February 9, 2010 — The Empire Football League held its 41st Annual Meeting recently in Amsterdam, New York and announced that it will have 7 member teams for the 2010 season. The Amsterdam Zephyrs will return from a leave of absence, while a new team, the New York Stallions of Oneonta joined the league.

Because of the continued increase with logistics issues, the Empire Football League decided to cease operations in Canada. In spite of our best efforts at different approaches over the years, our football teams, officiating crews, and league personnel continued to experience problems at the border. This created a ripple effect on overall league operations. Additionally, potential new teams saw the border as a major negative preventing them from joining the Empire Football League. As a result, the Quebec Titans and Joliet Chargers (formerly Ottawa) are no longer members of the EFL. Regrettably, the Empire Football League felt that this decision was the best solution to preserving its legacy as a upstate New York based semi pro football league.

For the 2010 season the EFL will be comprised of the following teams: Watertown, Massena, Amsterdam, Binghamton, Plattsburgh, Vermont, Oneonta. The EFL season starts July 10th, has a bye September 4th and ends September 25th. The EFL Playoffs will take place on October 2nd and will conclude with the EFL Championship Game on October 9th.    

During the Annual Meeting Weekend, The Empire Football League is celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a banquet at the Crystal Ristorante in Amsterdam, NY. Attending were past EFL Commissioners, Officials, Coaches, and Offices — there were some great war stories told and personal testimonies given about the league’s history.

2010 Empire Football League Officers were elected as follows: 
– Dave Burch, EFL Commissioner
– Bill Higgins, Commissioner of Officials
– Concetta Sager, Treasurer
– Al Dole, Deputy Commissioner
– Jane Dole, Secretary
– Gary Shaver, EFL Advisor

Updated 02-09-2010

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