Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards Now Accepting Applications

SPIRITED ENTREPRENEURS: Gathered at the April Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards Kick-Off were sponsors, past winners, emerging entrepreneurs and city officials. On the front row, from left are David and Adrienne Kallweit, SeekingSitters, 2007 First Place Winner; former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor, who started the program; and Carey Dunkin Baker and Brett Baker, Part-Time Pros, 2009 Second Place Winner. Back, Dr. Ric Baser, Tulsa Community College VP and Chief Academic Officer; Kell Kelly, SpiritBank CEO; Gerald Buckley, Grocio, 2008 First Place Winner; Ned Bruha, The Skunk Whisperer, 2007 Third Place Winner; and Ted Cundiff, SpiritBank President and Spirit Award Co-Chair.

Organizers for The SpiritBank/ Tulsa Community College Entrepreneurial Spirit Award recently announced the competition is open for applications. Applications are accepted until May 13, 2010.

The competition is open to start-up companies and to businesses no older than five years. Applicants need not be based in Tulsa, but must agree to expand or establish their business within the City of Tulsa. Existing businesses cannot be valued higher than $1 million.

To enter, entrepreneurs will submit an executive summary to www.tulsaspiritaward.com.

First place prize is $30,000. In addition to prize money, entrepreneurs gain valuable business knowledge through the process, which includes mentoring and coaching along the way.

Updated 05-10-2010

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