Excellent 2004 Year Continues at Philbrook

SPRINGTIME DEDICATION: Philbrook’s great year was highlighted by the dedication of the renovation of the gardens in the spring. From left are Philbrook’s Brian J. Ferriso and Marcia Manhart, and Genevieve and Elliott Phillips. Genevieve is the granddaughter of Elliott, who is the son of Waite Phillips.

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The Philbrook Museum of Art captured the essence of artistic achievement throu-ghout the year 2004. It began with the presentation of one of the greatest French sculptors of the 19th century, Auguste Rodin. Most widely remembered as the sculptor of the “Thinker and the Kiss,” the three month exhibit included a full array of bronze sculptures and historic photographs. You can purchase a full color photo catalogue in the museum gift shop.

And what would Philbrook be without its outstanding landscape and gardens? Home to many “senior pictures,” these gardens were transformed in April with a $7 million investment. Over 88 million people have visited different gardens throughout America, and with the new enhancements, Philbrook is sure to draw more tourists to Tulsa.

Along with the garden renovations, visitors caught a glimpse of the powerful “Stieglitz Circle.” This collection of 45 paintings and photos showcased different artists of the 20th century, each championed by Alfred Stieglitz. Many of the pieces call for a change in the economics of art and the role of the artist in society.

“Feast the Eye, Fool the Eye,” hailed in September. This eclectic gallery demonstrated the artists ability to “trick” the eye, or as it is known in French, “Trompe-l’oeil.”

Also known as “illusionism,” it is a style of painting that gives the appearance of 3-demensional paint. The exhibit hosted the works of 43 still life and “Trompe-l’oeil” paintings by European and American masters. This unusual style of art did not come about until the 17th century.

There will be no “trickery” of the eye this holiday season, as Philbrook celebrates its 2004 Festival of Trees. The event will showcase the works of local kids and artists. The highlight will feature an exhibition of trees and gingerbread houses along with many different events. The Festival of Trees runs from November 21 through December 5. For more information on this year’s festival, you can log onto to www.philbrook.org or call 748-5382.

Updated 11-24-2004

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