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One of the most heart-breaking experiences is to lose something that is deeply loved. Joey and her daughter Madelyne Jones lost their dog Ravi almost a year ago.
While still in high school, Madelyne asked her mom if she could have a dog. After agreeing, the two visited a variety of adoption events by area rescues before finding Ravi. “He was so sweet and took to us right away. We both fell in love with him and took him home.”

Ravi even moved to Stillwater with Madelyne while she was attending college at Oklahoma State University. Home to celebrate Joey’s birthday, Ravi was left with Joey’s dogs under the care of a pet sitter. “We stayed in Tulsa for the night and the sitter was supposed to come over once at night and in the morning to care for the dogs. She let Ravi out that night when a terrible storm was in the area. He is very afraid of storms and she left him outside for too long. He got under our fence out of fear.”

The sitter did not call the family until the next morning. “We were heartbroken and rushed home. We searched the area, calling his name and absolutely panicked. If we had known when he disappeared, we may have been able to find him that night.”

While the family home is in Liberty Mounds, Ravi could be anywhere in the region.
The family has posted laminated signs throughout neighborhoods and along walking trails. They have placed full advertisements in our paper as well as Tulsa World. Every shelter in the region was notified about Ravi with the hopes of having him brought to one at some point. Even power companies, water crews and were asked to keep a look out on their daily routes. Joey and her daughter have a feeling that Ravi is still out there trying to find his way home. “If we didn’t have such a strong feeling about this, we would have stopped searching a long time ago.”

Their best guess is that Ravi was found by a caring older couple who might not have access to a computer where many of their postings about Ravi are located.

Joey has received a number of positive encouragements from people that she has met during the search. “One family told me that their dog had been missing for one year. They opened their front door one morning to find him sitting on their porch. It really is never too late to find something that you love so much.”

With this, Joey offers advice to others who are in similar situations. “Cover every possible option that is available to you. Get the word out that your pet is missing and post their pictures in yours and surrounding communities.” She concludes with a simple, “Never give up.”

If you have any information about Ravi, or would like to help in the search in any way, please contact Joey directly by emailing, or call 918-720-2372.

Updated 05-17-2011

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