Fast Forward Peoria/Riverside Transit Study Kicks Off With Public Meetings

INCOG’s Fast Forward Peoria/Riverside Transit Study will be kicking off a public involvement process beginning July 16th. Two public meetings will be offered: Monday, July 16th at Tulsa Technology Center’s Peoria Campus and Tuesday, July 17th at the South Brooke Church of Christ.

James Wagner, INCOG Transportation Projects Coordinator, explains that the study is seeking ways to improve transit on the Peoria/Riverside corridor. “This transit study will provide information on the costs, benefits and impacts of transit alternatives for the corridor,” said Wagner. “Transit can be a great benefit to Peoria/Riverside through better access to jobs and business growth.”

Community leaders, business owners, and residents are invited to the public meetings to learn more about this process while providing vital feedback on the needs/desires for this corridor.

“It is really important for citizens to attend meetings like this so that planners can have a better sense of what they need and want,” said Wagner. “For example, in this plan we need specific feedback about the length of the corridor and answers to question regarding service hours.”

Both public meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. with an open house followed by a brief presentation at 6:00 p.m. Citizens will be asked to provide comments and participate in exercises to give planners feedback. Monday’s meeting at Tulsa Tech’s Peoria Campus can be accessed by taking Tulsa Transit Route 105. Tuesday’s meeting at South Brooke Church of Christ can be accessed by either Tulsa Transit Route 105 or 222. Each meeting will finish in time for transit riders to catch the bus to their final destination.

The Fast Forward Peoria/Riverside Transit Study is the continuation of the Fast Forward Transit System Plan, adopted in 2011, which identified and prioritized key corridors in the Tulsa Region. Peoria was identified as a high traffic corridor with Tulsa Transit’s 105 Route having the highest ridership.

To learn more about the Fast Forward Peoria Transit Study, visit

Updated 07-15-2012

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