FC Tulsa Unveils Mural Kit for Greenwood Homage

Professional soccer club FC Tulsa has officially launched a third jersey, named the Mural Kit, designed from the club’s Mural Project at Monroe Demonstration Academy in North Tulsa. FC Tulsa has spent the last six months working with Arts Alliance Tulsa, local artists and school administrators to bring to life four murals designed by students at Monroe that represent the school’s four core values for its students – Empowerment, Responsibility, Community and Excellence. The club has incorporated design elements the students used in each of these four murals into its Mural Kit to inspire those who wear it to spread these values.
In addition to honoring the students at Monroe through their unique design of the Mural Kit, FC Tulsa has placed its Greenwood Ave. patch on the front of the jersey, opposite of the club crest. FC Tulsa has been heavily invested in educating and amplifying the message of the past, present and future of Greenwood. The values represented on the Murals at Monroe of Empowerment, Responsibility, Community and Excellence are the same ones that made Greenwood the thriving community it was 100 years ago, and the same community it can be again.
Not only will FC Tulsa continue donating the full proceeds of the sales from the Greenwood Ave. patch on the Mural Kit to help fund the Black Wall Street Memorial through the Terence Crutcher Foundation, but the club will also donate a portion of the proceeds from the jersey itself back to Monroe Demonstration Academy and its students who made this jersey possible. The club has set up a fund for Monroe through the Tulsa Community Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the U.S.
While the jersey was announced to the public, FC Tulsa unveiled the Mural Kit at Tulsa Public Schools’ Employee Appreciation Night at The Gathering Place. With the inspiration of the jersey coming from a local school, FC Tulsa wanted the Tulsa Public Schools teachers, administrators and staff to be the first ones to see and purchase the Mural Kit.
The club will debuted the Mural Kit on the pitch on Juneteenth against Louisville City FC at ONEOK Field and the jersey is available now at the Team Shop at 1155 S. Elgin Ave. in downtown Tulsa or online.

About FC Tulsa
FC Tulsa is plays soccer in the USL Championship at ONEOK Field in downtown Tulsa. All tickets for FC Tulsa’s 2021 season at ONEOK Field are available now, with Season Tickets starting at just $8 a match at FCTulsa.com/tickets. The club motto is #ForTulsa and aims to represent the renaissance and rebirth of our beautiful city by putting the Tulsa community at the heart of everything FC Tulsa does.