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Think you have a passionless life? The repetition of the hum-drum existence along with all of the mindless duties you must accomplish just to get through one day can sometimes be boring and even maddening.

February is the month for passion, with Valentine’s Day, so why not carry that feeling right into March? Take it a step further: take a look at your look. Changing might be just the recipe needed to spice up your personal life or to make you feel red-hot about yourself.

A plethora of passion for fashion was found at the Tulsa Women’s Show. Fashion abounded with plenty of shows and booths displaying up and coming designers as well as new styles. Shows featured everything from wedding styles to shoes, handbags and accessories.

J.Cole Shoes, Alyssia’s Bridal, Coldwater Creek and Isabella’s, along with up and coming fashion designer Nikki Walker with her line called M.O.C.H.A Butterfly, were all featured.

Walker, a former Isabella’s employee, was most impressive and has come a long way from her denim skirt days. This designer has single-handedly come up with an unusual line of tops and dresses built solely off of her obi belt idea. Her selection of bright and muted fabrics along with stretchy and shiny ones allows something for everyone.

Walker started with a thrift store sewing machine and just $100 in capital. Her desire is to continue to create garments that fit the everyday woman who wants to sharpen her style along with comfort to meet her everyday commitments.

For more information on Walker’s designs, visit Her designs will also be available at Isabella’s (35th St Off Peoria) in the near future.

Find your passion for fashion this spring with this local designer. Her styles might be just what you need to take you from hum-drum to uh-huh!

Kim Abdo is the owner of Isabella’s, an upscale fashion store located in Tulsa’s Brookside at 35th Street just east of Peoria Avenue. The phone number is (918) 744-9100. The Web site is

Updated 02-20-2008

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