Finley Records World’s Top Mark As Kansas Takes Down Missouri in 2011 KU-MU Dual

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas sophomore thrower Mason Finley had a record-setting day as he scored 10 points for KU in leading the Jayhawks to a 190-171 win over Border Showdown rival Missouri Friday afternoon at Anschutz Pavilion in the annual KU-MU Dual. It marked KU’s first win in the series since the dual meet was revived three years ago.

Finley claimed the performance of all performances as he threw the shot put 20.71 meters (67-11.50 ft). His mark of 20.71 meters set a new KU school record, breaking the previous mark of 67-05.50 ft set by Karl Salb in 1970. The mark by Finley also set a new Anschutz Pavilion record. The previous facility record was set by Scott Loftquist in 1985, as he recorded a mark of 66-11.50 ft. In addition, Finley shattered his previous personal best mark of 19.25 meters (63-02.00 ft), while throwing the shot put for just the first time this season.

Finley’s mark of 20.71 meters ranks as the top mark in the and the World in 2011. It serves as an ‘A’ Standard qualifying mark for both the 2011 World Championships and the 2012 Olympic Games.

“One of my goals is to be in the record book,” said Finley. “ However, I never thought it would come this early in my career. It is a great accomplishment and I am pumped to have it happen today at the Dual meet with Mizzou. Not only did I reach a personal goal, but I also helped my team get a win over our rivals. It is a great feeling.”

Finley also had an exciting finish in the weight throw as he came from behind in the final round to capture the win. Finley took the lead from Mizzou’s Chris Holly on his sixth and final throw as he recorded a mark of 18.51 meters (60-08.75 ft). Holly had led the competition from the beginning as he recorded a mark of 18.16 meters on his first toss. He then improved his mark to 18.40 on his second throw and held the lead until Finley’s final throw of the day.

The Jayhawks got several outstanding performances on the day as KU claimed 20 victories in the dual meet. The Jayhawks had 16 individual titles and four relay wins on the afternoon. The KU women out-dueled the Tigers winning by a score of 99-82, while the Jayhawk men finished in a tie with their Mizzou counterparts, 86-86.

Senior vaulter Jaci Perryman got things started off for KU as she cleared 3.90 meters (12-09.50 ft) in taking the pole vault title. Perryman passed on the first four heights, entering the competition at 3.65 meters (11-11.75 ft). She cleared the winning height on her second attempt before missing on all three tries at 4.00m.

Perryman’s teammates junior Julia Cummings and freshman Demi Payne tied for second place as both cleared 3.80 meters (12-05.50 ft).

Junior Nick Canton got the Jayhawk men started with a win in the high jump as he set a new personal best by clearing 2.10 meters (6-10.75 ft). Canton scored five points for KU, while his teammate freshman Nick Giancana added three points by taking second place with his mark of 2.00 meters (6-06.75 ft).

Kansas also dominated the women’s long jump as sophomore Francine Simpson captured first place with her leap of 6.04 meters (10-09.75 ft). Simpson essentially won the event with her first leap of the day as she turned in a mark of 5.97 meters. She then fouled on her second attempt before registering her best mark of the day of 6.04 meters on her third trip down the runway. Simpson then fouled on all three of her attempts in finals.

“I think I did pretty well today,” said Simpson. “At the last meet I jumped 6.03 meters and this meet I jumped 6.04 meters, so it is always nice to improve on your marks. I was just happy with how today went overall and that I was able to win.”

Sophomore Andrea Geubelle claimed the triple jump title by leaping 12.22 meters (40-01.25 ft). Her opening mark of 11.75 meters was enough for the win, but Geubelle turned in a good series of jumps as she increased her mark throughout the competition, earning her best leap on her fifth jump. She scored eight points for KU on the day as she also took home second place in the long jump with her mark of 5.79 meters (19-00.00 ft).

Jayhawk freshman sprinter Diamond Dixon was the event winner in the 600 meters as she edged KU teammate senior Shayla Wilson for the victory with her time of 1:23.46. Wilson clocked in at 1:23.66 as the duo combined for eight team points.

Amanda Miller opened her senior indoor campaign with a solid race in the 3,000 meters as she took home the win with her time of 9:53.62. Miller led the race from start to finish, running strong down the stretch to win by nearly five seconds.

Nick Capario took home the men’s 3,000 meters title with his time of 8:33.71, while senior Keron Toussaint got a win in the 400 meters with his time of 49.13.

Cooper Merrill gave the Jayhawks a sweep of the pole vault as he took home the title on the men’s side with his personal best vault of 5.10 meters (16-08.75 ft). Merrill battled on two separate occasions, clearing both 4.75 meters and 5.10 meters on his third and final attempt.

A strong second leg by Kyra Kilwein gave KU the lead in the 4×800-meter relay, a lead the Jayhawks would not relinquish as they went on to score five points. In the final women’s event of the day, the Jayhawks were dominant in the 4×400-meter relay as the quartet of Morris, Bradley, Taylor Washington and Dixon passed the baton around in 3:48.42 for five more points for KU.

The KU men’s relays teams were also victorious as the Jayhawk 4×800-meter relay team posted a win with a time of 7:55.97. Nick Seckfort, Dalen Fink, Josh Munsch and Wasinger teamed up for the 4×800-meter relay win.

KU came up with an exciting finish in the final race of the day as the Jayhawk 4×400-meter relay team composed of Pieter Marx, Toussaint, Dominique Manley and Kyle Clemons clocked in at 3:16.59 giving the Kansas men a two point victory in the team standings.

After Marx ran neck and neck with MU runner Ryan Blackwell on the opening leg, Toussaint battled his way on one shoe to keep the Jayhawks even with the Tigers after two legs. Manley managed to hand off the baton to Clemons with KU in the slightest lead, and the sophomore took over from there. Clemons sprinted his way to the KU win as the Jayhawks erupted into the Rock Chalk Chant following their team win.

“This win means everything to us,” said Clemons. “Last year they handled us pretty easily. Mizzou is our biggest rival and it means a lot to get a win over them. It’s more than sports when you are competing against them.”

The Kansas track and field teams will return to action in two weeks when they host the Jayhawk Classic on Friday, Jan. 28, in Anschutz Pavilion.


Women’s Results

Weight Throw
9. Jessica Maroszek, 14.20m (46-07.25 ft), 2 pts
10. Elise Umbarger, 13.10m (42-11.75 ft) 1 pt

Pole Vault
1. Jaci Perryman, 3.90m (12-09.50 ft), 5 pts
T2. Julia Cummings, 3.80m (12-05.50 ft), 3 pts
T2. Demi Payne, 3.80m (12-05.50 ft) 3 pts
4. Tara Turnbill, 3.65m (11-11.75 ft)
5. Abby Jones, 3.50m (11-05-75 ft)
8. Abby Row, 3.35m (10-11.75 ft)
10. Claire Christie, 3.20m (10-06.00 ft)

Long Jump
1. Francine Simpson, 6.04m (19-09.75 ft) 5 pts
2. Andrea Geubelle, 5.79m (19-00.00 ft), 3 pts
3. Rebecca Neville, 5.72m (18-09.25 ft)
7. Amanda Caines, 4.95m (16-03.00 ft)

60-Meter Hurdles
1. Rebecca Neville, 8.80 5 pts
3. Kathryn Lupton, 9.05 2 pts

High Jump
3. Rebecca Neville, 1.60m (5-03.00 ft) 2 pts
4. Amanda Caines, 1.55m (5-01.00 ft) 1 pt

60 Meters
1. Denesha Morris, 7.53 5 pts
2. Francine Simpson, 7.60 3 pts
4. Andrea Geubelle, 7.81
7. Kathryn Lupton, 8.50

Mile Run
2. Rebeka Stowe, 5:07.10 3 pts
3. Kyra Kilwein, 5:09. 94 2 pts
4. Natalie Becker , 5:15.40

600 Meters
1. Diamond Dixon, 1:23.46 5 pts
2. Shayla Wilson, 1:23.66 3 pts

400 Meters
1. Kendra Bradley, 56.72 5 pts
3. Taylor Washington, 57.22 2 pts

1,000 Meters
2. Cori Christensen, 2:56.14 3 pts
3. Madison Moser, 3:01.76 2 pts

Triple Jump
1. Andrea Geubelle, 12.22m (40-01.25 ft) 5 pts
3. Amanda Caines, 11.18m (36-08.25 ft) 2 pts

800 Meters
3. Kathleen Thompson, 2:18.99 2 pts
4. Maddy Rich, 2:27.00 1 pt

Shot Put
3. Jessica Maroszek, 13.92m (45-08.00 ft) 2 pts
8. Elise Umbarger, 12.75m (41-10.00 ft) 1 pt
9. Heather Bergmann, 12.59m (41-03.75 ft)

200 Meters
1. Denesha Morris, 24.59 5 pts
2. Francine Simpson, 24.93 3 pts

3,000 Meters
1. Amanda Miller, 9:53.62 5 pts
4. Natalie Becker, 10:16.37 1 pt
5. Kara Windisch, 10:20.89
7. Tessa Turcotte, 10:31.69
8. Riley Wertenberger, 10:32.68
10. Devin Wiegers, 10:59.02

4×800-Meter Relay
1. Kansas (Shayla Wilson, Kyra Kilwein, Rebeka Stowe, Cori Christensen), 9:18.76

4×400-Meter Relay
1. Kansas (Denesha Morris, Kendra Bradley, Taylor Washington, Diamond Dixon), 3:48.42

Men’s Results

High Jump
1. Nick Canton, 2.10m (6-10.75 ft) 5 pts
2. Nick Giancana, 2.00m (6-06.75 ft) 3 pts

Long Jump
3. Jareb Stallbaumer, 6.60m (21-08.00 ft) 2 pts
4. Nick Giancana, 6.23m (20-05.25 ft) 1 pt

60-Meter Hurdles
3. Isaac Bradshaw, 8.76 2 pts
4. Nick Canton, 8.88 1 pt

Weight Throw
1. Mason Finley, 18.51m (60-08.75 ft) 5pts
3. Scott Penny, 17.12m (56-02.00 ft) 2 pts
10. Joel Krause, 13.58m (44-06.75 ft)

60 Meters
2. Kyle Clemons, 6.93 5 pts
4. Alex Hernes, 7.32 1 pt
6. Bruce Tyner, 7.42

Triple Jump
1. Jareb Stallbaumer, 14.02m (46-00.00 ft) 5 pts

Mile Run
1. Donny Wasinger, 4:14.01 5 pts
2. Greg Bussing, 4:17.21 3 pts

600 Meters
3. Dalen Fink, 1:13.40 2 pts
4. Dominique Manley, 1:13.59 1 pt

400 Meters
1. Keron Toussaint, 49.13 5 pts
4. Isaac Bradshaw, 52.92 1 pt

1,000 Meters
2. Josh Munsch, 2:34.24 3 pts
4. Sean Proehl, 2:37.55 1 pt

800 Meters
2. Nick Seckfort, 1:56.04 3 pts
3. Brendan Soucie, 1:56.41 2 pts
4. Patrick Helmick, 2:01.12
5. George Browne, 2:01.24

200 Meters
2. Kyle Clemons, 21.91 3 pts
5. Alex Hernes, 23.18 1 pt
6. Bruce Tyner, 23.58

3,000 Meters
1. Nick Capario, 8:33.71 5 pts
2. Josh Baden, 8:41.20 3 pts
3. Greg Bussing, 8:41.97
6. Emilio Trujilio, 8:57.87

4×800-Meter Relay
1. Kansas (Nick Seckfort, Dalen Fink, Josh Munsch, Don Wasinger), 7:55.97 5 pts

Shot Put
1. Mason Finley, 20.71m (68- ft) 5 pts *school record, automatic mark
4. Brian Bishop, 16.32m (53-06.50 ft) 1 pt

Pole Vault
1. Cooper Merrill, 5.10m (16-08.75 ft) 5 pts
3. Alex Bishop, 5.00m (16-04.75 ft) 2 pts
4. Corey Shank, 4.90m (16-00.75 ft)
9. Kevin Hays, 4.30m (14-01.25 ft)

4×400-Meter Relay
1. Kansas (Pieter Marx, Keron Toussaint, Dominque Manley, Kyle Clemons), 3:16.59

Updated 01-15-2011

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