Fireworks at Castle of Muskogee is the State’s Largest

Oklahoma’s 30 thousand square foot Fireworks Showroom keeps adding to the lineup. Almost all 

fireworks are made in China today and we are seeing the benefits of the quality improvement campaign 

China recently initiated. Although the Castle of Muskogee has always guaranteed all of their fireworks to 

light, the new, higher quality means no disappointments on the fourth. The variety of “Novelty” fireworks 

continues to grow. A popular introduction has been the pull-ring smoke grenade for all of our homegrown 

anti-terrorist fighters! Continuing a trend that started several years ago, fireworks displays in the 

“Heavyweight” category keep getting larger and more spectacular. Many are so large that they have room 

for internal timers for a more sustained show with more visual variety than older, one-fuse-lights-the-

whole-display fireworks.   

The quantity and selection this year at the Castle must be seen to be believed: imagine a football field 

covered with row after row of fireworks as high as you can reach, and you’ll get an idea of what awaits you 

in Muskogee. The Castle, of course, is air conditioned, with accessible restrooms and plenty of paved 

parking at the door.  The annual fireworks sale lasts from June 15 through July 5, with special discount 

pricing on the 5.  

Hours are:

June 15 – June 30 10:00am – 9:00pm 

July 1 – 4  9:00am – 10:00pm 

July 5   10:00am – 6:00pm 

The Castle of Muskogee has fireworks to please anyone, with prices for every budget. There are 

fireworks for smaller children plus more than 400 items for teens and adults including the largest 

selection in America of Heavyweight and Multi-action displays. Select from many versions of specially 

priced Family Packs to get the most bang for your buck. 

Over a quarter-million people visit the Castle each year for a variety of events including the Oklahoma 

Renaissance Festival, Haunted Castle, Christmas Kingdom, plus many weddings, private and corporate 


Updated 06-23-2010

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