FIT FOREVER Provides Advice about Health and Wellness

HEALTHY LIVING: Tom Hopkins recently completed his first book called Fit Forever which is a Christian-based book that covers topics in health and wellness. The book is now available.

Courtesy of Tom Hopkins

FOREVER, a Christian-based book on health and wellness, was written by Tom Hopkins and designed to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle. Chapters describe what health really looks like, how to set goals, identifying enemies to health, establishing eating plans, some great success stories and much more! Discussion questions can be found at the end of each chapter for study groups in businesses and churches.

“What inspired me to write this book is seeing so many people struggle in this area of life. They desperately want to see change take place, but just don’t know how. It just makes sense that they need some tools and proper motivation.” stated Hopkins.

Hopkins also mentioned that “I truly believe that we all have within us the power to change. Over the years I’ve seen the principles that make up this book transform people in body, mind and spirit. It is my life’s work, my own way of trying to make a difference, offering health and happiness to people’s lives.”

Hopkins loves what he does, “I get to wake up every day and with God’s help improve the quality of lives of people all over the world. I find that I can only speak in front of so many people in presentations, seminars and workshops. So that’s the reason for the FOREVER book series. These books will long out-live me and continue to help people for decades to come. This series of books will be a lasting legacy, sent out world-wide to make a huge impact.”

If you or someone you know is looking to find balance in this area of their life, wanting to look and feel younger, need some motivation, or just want to be the most energetic person in the room, then check out FOREVER.

FOREVER is also available at FOREVER for around $17 including shipping and handling. At the book signing an autographed copy will be available for $15. For quantities of 10 or more, or to book a presentation or seminar please inquire at I will be willing to personally help set up a study or exercise group at your location.

Updated 07-27-2009

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