Flowers are a Major Design Element in European Homes

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ELEGANT FLOWERS: Margaret McAnulty, left, designer for Aviva Flowers, and Carol Dick, owner of Aviva Flowers, display arrangements they made.


Flowers have been admired for thousands of years. Our ancestors included flowers in folk art paintings, embroidery, carpet patterns, etc. Flowers are still one of the most attractive additions to interior design.

The most elegant style of flower arrangement may be the European design.

Aviva Flowers, one of the shops in the Tulsa area that offers the European design, is located at 1313-A E.15th St. Carol Dick, the owner of Aviva Flowers, has been in business for 35 years. She studied European design in Austria with teachers from Austria and Holland. She and three other designers in her shop, Margaret McAnulty, Phill Jackson and Loretta Harrison, are happy to make people’s life more beautiful using their wonderful knowledge and skills.

“There are several kinds of European designs. One of the prettiest is called Beidermeier, where flowers are arranged in circles. Each circle is a layer of the same flower. For example, a circle of carnations, then a circle of roses, etc.,” Dick said as she cut stems of some carnations and other flowers and arranged them in circles in a clay antique style pot. The composition was very charming.
“Europeans do a lot of vegetative designs. They group flowers the way they grow as if someone took them from the ground and put them in the container,” Dick continues. “But the most common type of European design is a handheld design.”

Designer McAnulty gathered a pretty handheld bouquet of yellow and violet flowers. It was ready to be held or dropped into a vase. The colors complimented each other creating a spring mood.

Dick talked about the differences in attitudes toward flowers in Europe and here in the United States. “Europeans use a lot of flowers for everyday use. They often purchase flowers from street vendors,” she says. “The European designers do not pay attention to expense. They think about beauty, not about profit. For example, in Austria we were watching how our teachers decorated a dinner for two with 150 roses in the center of the table. The aesthetic side and the professionalism of the flower business is so important for Europeans that a person must serve a seven year apprenticeship.”

“We sell professional design, creativity and service. To be a good designer, you should have an artistic feeling of color, lines and see outside the box,” Dick explains. “The public should not be afraid to walk into a flower shop and buy loose stems and get free professional advice.”

Aviva Flowers does all styles of flower arrangements. Another style, which is an attention getter, is called “New Wave.” It is a combination of unexpected materials and flowers. For example, tulips with their stems can be put inside a cylindrical glass vase. This way, they create curved lines and an unusual impression. It is more art than a simple flower arrangement.

“We always continue to educate ourselves, because styles change,” Dick says.

Aviva Flowers does weddings, parties and funerals. They have many corporate accounts and do flowers for several firms on a weekly basis.

Aviva Flowers delivers all over the Tulsa metro area. Because they have been in business many years, they have served thousands of customers.

To know more about flower design, call Aviva Flowers at 583-0312.

Updated 02-25-2005

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