Former Gov. Nigh, Secretary Ridley Honored by CLE

DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS: Among those gathered at the Tulsa Historical Society on Feb. 27 to honor former Gov. George High and Transportation Secretary are, from left, Pete Regan, board member; Governor Nigh; Rick Riddle, board member; Howard Barnett, board member; Jay Helm, board member; Donna Nigh; Teresa Burkett, board member; Larry Mocha, Chairman; Kris Langholz, board member; and Secretary Gary Ridley.

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The Center for Legislative Excellence (), a non-partisan political action committee focused on supporting public policy issues vital to Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma, hosted an event on Feb. 27 to honor Governor George Nigh and Transportation Secretary Gary Ridley.

focuses on four main issues of concern inside and around Tulsa: healthcare, education, transportation and water quality. The organization is a citizen-driven membership group governed by a board of directors, whose primary responsibility is to articulate CLE’s specific positions for each legislative session.

“Tulsa is the gateway to northeastern Oklahoma, and many of CLE’s successes and failures are felt by the outlying communities,” says Larry Mocha, co-chairman of . “Our group’s mission is to help Tulsa become the most dynamic and sustainable city of its size. When Tulsa continues to thrive, it also positively affects and assists the economies of all the smaller, surrounding communities.”

Contributions donated to are used to promote public policy positions important to Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma. For more information about , visit

Updated 03-24-2014

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