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Seven years ago, when Oliver Middle School teacher Margie Buchanan was teaching a communication skills class to 6th grade student Clara Suh, she had a feeling that the Korean born Suh had a bright future.

What Buchanan didn’t know, however, was that the bright future for the little Korean girl who came to America in first grade would include assistance from herself and Oliver Orchestra teacher Rob Reck.

Both teachers made such an impact on Clara that she asked them to write a brief message in a book that Clara, who is now in college back in her native Korea, has written about her growing-up experiences—some of which occurred in America in general and Oliver Middle School and Broken Arrow in particular.
The book, titled Where the Heck Am I Going? is now available in both English and Korean.

“This summer I received an e-mail from Clara, who told me she was back in Korea and had been writing a book about her life and was going to have the book published,” Buchanan explains.
Imagine my surprise when I received the book! I felt touched when I read the comments, not only from me but from Rob Reck.”

The books overriding theme is a journey of discovering one’s self-identity, as Clara matures from the little girl who lived with her grandparents in America into a young lady who is pursuing a college degree back in her native land.

“I think students will especially find this book interesting because Clara’s struggles in life are not any different from any other student in school,” Buchanan says.

Buchanan does not hesitate to express the pride she felt when she first laid eyes upon the book: “It is always such an inspiration to a teacher when a student that you’ve taught lets you know that you really did make a difference.”

Updated 10-26-2006

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