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From a GTR Reader:
I was in Isabella’s recently and saw some new feathered headbands featured in your shop. I haven’t seen anything like these locally, and would love some more information about them! Thanks!

Those new feathered lovelies are made locally by Julia Colburn, a craftsman from Owasso. I thought they would be a wonderful addition to Isabella’s, and Julia was quite excited to get them into her target market.

Julia is a true craftsman at heart, and when she couldn’t find the perfect accessory to go with her ever-changing wardrobe, she decided to make her own, which led to the creation of her “Feather by Feather” line of headbands.

Taking note from the past two New York Fashion weeks, and all of the feathered influence from a multitude of designers (see Alexander McQueen for starters), she set out to find the most beautiful and cruelty-free feathers in which to make headbands.
Very reminiscent of the 1920s flapper fashion, Julia has managed to take what was an outrageously over-the-top style and make it more accessible for everyday wear.

Infusing her love of literature with her love of fashion, each headband (currently over 70 styles) has been named after a Shakespearean character.

Feathered accessories similar to Julia’s headbands have appeared on such shows as “The Hills,” “Gossip Girl,” “Project Runway,” and Lil Mama was seen sporting a feathered headband on a recent episode of “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Updated 05-11-2009

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