Frontier Natural Products Co-op™ Releases 2008-2009 Sustainability Report

Norway, IA – May 25, 2010 — Frontier Natural Products Co-op, a leading U.S. manufacturer and marketer of natural and organic products, has released its bi-annual corporate sustainability report, covering the years 2008-2009. Following reporting requirements of the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association (FTSLA), Frontier has established benchmarks that improve the accountability and transparency of its sustainability efforts. The co-op, which has a long tradition of environmental and social responsibility, uses the comprehensive report to both assess its current sustainability performance and develop effective goals for the future.

Frontier focused its sustainability efforts on ten key areas: sourcing, energy, climate change, resource waste and use, packaging and supplies, stakeholder involvement, employee health and well-being, community, social spending, and product.

Some of the key results for the co-op include:

  • Increasing organic, Well Earth™, and Fair Trade™ Certified products by nearly 60% to 500,000 pounds total in 2009;
  • Offsetting 100% of energy-use emissions while eliminating 56 tons of CO2 emissions;
  • Registering 7,000 square feet of building renovation for LEED certification;
  • Replacing foam packing peanuts with biodegradable packing peanuts;
  • Achieving 30% recycled content for packaging materials;
  • Engaging with our community of customers and stakeholders through social media;
  • Investing $70,000 in employee education and training programs;
  • Implementing a volunteer program in which employees are paid for eight hours of community service;
  • Establishing a perpetual scholarship for hands-on apprenticeship in organic farming techniques at the University of California – Santa Clara; and
  • Investing in new food safety technology with the installation of a new steam sterilization unit.

Frontier has been an industry leader in sustainability since its founding 34 years ago. As a co-op owned by the businesses that buy from it, Frontier exemplifies the values of its member/owners – quality products, reliable information, a family-friendly workplace, and environmentally and socially responsible business practices, which are the core of what is now widely recognized as sustainability.

“Our complete and detailed reporting provides a way for us to communicate about sustainability both inside and outside our company,” says Tony Bedard, Chief Executive Officer for Frontier. “By providing an example that may be helpful to others managing their own sustainability programs, we hope to influence the growth and adoption of sustainability by our members, suppliers, customers, and policy makers.”

“As this report shows, we are making a difference,” says Kathy Larson, Frontier’s VP of Sustainability. “We’ve had a formal sustainability program since 2006. It’s a focused, company-wide effort to evaluate overall sustainability, set goals for the future and measure progress against those goals,” she explains. “One of the most exciting changes is the growth of our Well Earth sustainable and ethical sourcing program. Through Well Earth, Frontier has helped feed hungry schoolchildren in India; supported a free, traveling health clinic among indigenous Mayan farmers in Guatemala; helped hundreds of farmers in Sri Lanka earn fair prices for their crops; and so much more.”

Note to editors: Interviews with Ms. Larson and Mr. Bedard can be arranged by calling Steve Krusie at Frontier at (319)227-7996 ext 1359. Photographic images of specific projects are also available.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op™

Founded in 1976 and based in Norway, Iowa, Frontier Natural Products Co-op™ offers a full line of natural and organic products under the Frontier, Simply Organic®, Aura Cacia® and Aura Cacia Organics® brands. Products include culinary herbs, spices and baking flavors; bulk herbs and spices; and natural and organic aromatherapy products. Frontier’s goal is to provide consumers with the highest-quality organic and natural products while supporting and promoting environmental and social responsibility. For more information, visit Frontier’s website at

Updated 05-25-2010

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