Global Entrepreneurship Week in Tulsa is Nov. 9-16

For the sixth consecutive year, entrepreneurs, business leaders and educators will be hosting events during Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week (), Nov. 9-16, for entrepreneurs, small business owners or anyone interested in entrepreneurialism.

With the many activities held during , the entrepreneurial landscape of Tulsa has emerged as a nationally-recognized leader at fostering entrepreneurs and is proving to be a catalyst for many new entrepreneurs throughout Tulsa. In a report released by the Kauffman Foundation, has helped more than 70 startups to create new businesses in Tulsa, with an added yearly payroll of $12 million.

Global Entrepreneurship Week was started by the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship, the Kauffman Foundation. Across the world, Global Entrepreneurship Week engages millions of people to join a growing movement of entrepreneurs, to generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing business. Countries across six continents come together to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week during November.

Earlier this year, the Mayor’s Office and City Council created a list of goals and objectives, with one goal focusing on developing local business. The Economic Development Commission’s Entrepreneurship Committee submitted recommendations on how the City can strategically move forward to help create and support entrepreneurs and small businesses. One of the recommendations submitted was to create a Startup Weekend, which would involve getting a group of individuals together for a weekend to create a viable business in a weekend.

To kick-off , a Startup Weekend is planned and will focus on individuals that work 24-hours and then are off work for 48-hours, much like firefighters or emergency responders. Many individuals in the emergency and fire industry seek a second job and try to start their own business but may not have the right tools or coaching to get their company off the ground. Startup weekend is the first event of , which will be held on Nov. 9.

During , winners of the StartUp Cup and the Tulsey Awards will be announced, and many networking and coaching opportunities will be available.
All of the events during are being coordinated by the city’s Economic Development Commission Entrepreneurship Committee. The complete list of Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week events can be found at

Updated 10-30-2012

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