Go Forth and BeGreen, Tulsa

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, Mayor Kathy Taylor announced the launch of the BeGreen Tulsa awareness campaign and the BeGreenTulsa.com Web site.

The announcement took place in the Blue Dome District at Dwelling Spaces where a new line of T-Shirts and other merchandise will be sold in an effort to raise awareness and education of energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental issues in Tulsa. Tulsa artist Chelsea Cornell designed the logo for the merchandise, which will be sold at Dwelling Spaces and local public events.

“Tulsa sits in the heart of Green Country,” says Taylor. “BeGreen Tulsa is a resource for businesses and individuals seeking ways to be more energy efficient and environmentally aware.”

BeGreen is a non-profit entity that will serve as a resource point for citizens concerning green issues. Net proceeds from the sale of merchandise will benefit the non-profit BeGreen Tulsa, which includes other initiatives such as ReGreen Tulsa, a public private partnership that will plant 20,000 trees by 2010. Funding for both initiatives are administered through the Tulsa Community Foundation.

The BeGreenTulsa.com Web site was also launched to provide information about what the City of Tulsa is doing to save energy and provide resources for citizens to find tips and links to other organizations focused on energy efficiency, sustainability and other green issues. The Web site has a link called, “What You Can Do,” that has energy conservation tips for roadtrips and more, lawn care, water conservation, and additional links to “Mother Earth News,” and “Living Green,” magazines as well as links to other websites that offer living green tips.

“As citizens, we all share in the responsibility to lessen our impact on the environment,” says Taylor. “As mayor, I have a fiscal responsibility to save tax dollars by making sure local government is as energy efficient as possible.”

The mayor also stressed the importance of leveraging ideas and resources from local businesses, citizens and city employees to achieve results. “This website is meant to be a resource, but it also exists to collect input from both businesses and individuals who can bring new ideas to the table.”

The Web site features a calendar of events with events and news on ReGreen Tulsa events.

“Sustainability is about more than recycling or saving energy,” says Taylor. “It is about creating a vibrant economy that improves our quality of life. It is about safe water, clean air and a city that we can hand to the next generation of Tulsans that is better off than when we found it.”

Updated 05-20-2008

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